My version of counting sheep.
  1. I've been walking through the forest, and the sun has finally set. It's too dark to carry on. I have everything I need for the night on my back and around my waist. I find a tree and set up my spartan camp. I tell myself "I think I'll set down here for the night and resume my journey tomorrow."
  2. I visit the memory of my grandmothers house from many years ago. I curl under the dining room table. Nobody will find me here. I'm safe for the night. There isn't much to do, the house is empty and I can't go far (the upstairs is filled with sand) but nobody would even think to look here.
  3. I'm in a futuristic one man plane. I go over instrument readings, set switches, and prepare for flight. It's a small cabin, mostly glass, and it's a beautiful day. I'm a well trained pilot, and the flight stick is smooth and really responsive.
  4. (With rain sound playing) I'm in my blue Land Rover Defender 90 and its time for an afternoon nap. I drive off road onto a Wyoming ranch and slide into the truck's small but barely accommodating back area. The skies are gray, the rain shows no signs of letting up, and I've got a big wooly blanket and thick, cool pillow.
  5. I'm in Berlin, or Stockholm or Amsterdam. I've just had a harrowing afternoon evading capture by INTERPOL in a thrilling chase. I am a spy. I've outsmarted them for now, and I've paid for a small but serviceable hotel room in cash. Tomorrow I will clear my name.