Requested by Anders...
  1. Radio Station: WICC, Bridgeport, CT
    When I wasn't tuning in with the rabid interest of a morse code talker to listen for school snow cancellations, I did so to listen to songs from such stars of the '80s as Del Shannon, Roy Orbison and Don McClean. Actually, that's great stuff to grow up on to supplant the steady stream of MTV (which was also great to grow up on then.)
  2. Album: Debbie Gibson, "Out of the Blue"
    I thought she was incredibly cute, in that way a young man can't quite pinpoint the location in his body that his attraction is happening in. I also must have liked the pop sensibilities in the tunes because I listened a lot. If you pay close attention you might hear a bit of "Lost In Your Eyes" in the solo to Gravity.
  3. Concert: Dave Matthews Band, Jones Beach, 1996
    I was a total shut-in as a teenager, and it wasn't until I graduated high school that I went to my first concert. I was a huge DMB fan, and loved every second of it. I remember very clearly my friend saying on the way home "you'll be up there someday." Lots of people on and behind the stage that night became good friends only a few years later. Except Dave. He never wanted to get along. Oh well.