I never really take vacations, but I decided to go on one before the fall rush begins.
  1. Systematic destruction of a healthy diet and habits
    This isn't unhealthy eating, this is a death wish.
  2. iPhone temperature warnings/temporary shutdown
    Tuck it under that towel!
  3. Micro pours of tequila all day
  4. Trashy-low levels of SPF protection.
  5. Huey Lewis and the News Pandora station
    The nexus of quality 80s pop.
  6. Wet barefoot scampers to the potty with sun bleached eyes
  7. Hats on heavy rotation
    Just switch it up when you feel it!
  8. Clarity about future plans
  9. The power nap before dinner.
    I call it a "re-rack." An indispensable vacation resource.
  10. Making the Uber driver laugh
  11. The group dinner.
  12. Jenga.
  13. Fleet footed little dances at 2am to music I wouldn't otherwise associate with.
  14. The hyper-emo state when climbing into bed with vacation love buzz all over me.
    Figure it out.
  15. Sleeping in a bathing suit.
  16. Have a great weekend.
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