I wondered after posting my last list if the names of imaginary hot girls I came up with were simplistic or homogenous, and a Google search proves these strong, professional women are anything but.
  1. Courtney Giles
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    Children's hospital stuff. That's my girl. Not surprised in the least.
  2. Stacie Noonan
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  3. Heather Donovan
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    Bodybuilding enthusiast
  4. (Heather is so right.)
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  5. Erin McElroy
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    News Anchor, WGN-TV, and a great Dick Tracy movie color scheme going.
  6. Jessy Hooper
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    Language arts teacher.
  7. Aimee Hart
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    These sales aren't gonna sell themselves. You need someone to represent that kind of thing.
  8. Shannon Hunt
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    Bodybuilding enthusiast
  9. Bianca Zimmer
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    Née Lisboa
  10. Milana Netrapova
    Rest in unborn peace
  11. Libby Summers
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    So hard to accept she doesn't really exist.
  12. Gabriella Sabra
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    Close enough
  13. Samantha Stanfield
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    Daemen College Wildcats Basketball. #10.