I Can Make You Thirsty

  1. Fruit punch.
  2. Wouldn't you like a glass of delicious fruit punch?
  3. I'll add some ice cold mountain spring water to it, making it go down easier and giving it a beautiful ruby red hue.
  4. Are you parched?
  5. This fruit punch will quench your thirst.
  6. Chug the first half.
  7. Then stare down the glass at the remaining fruit punch, in rapt pleasure. Catch your breath. Rock your fist around in a circular motion and watch that punch lick the sides of the glass.
  8. Chug the rest of that fruit punch. Just a little slower this time.
  9. I'm going to make you another glass of fruit punch.
  10. And I'm going to pour the fruit punch in a thermos to take with you.
  11. Because you're my favorite person in the world.