Somebody's gonna love this!
  1. I talk more than I need to.
    I keep circling the same point, trying to nail it in different ways so as to have it feel fully purged. But the first time usually does the trick.
  2. I own (and continue to buy) tons and tons and tons of clothes.
    This is actually the only real expenditure in my life that is truly senseless. If you saw it you'd either love me more or lose respect for me depending on your moral stance.
  3. Unreasonably high expectations for a woman's desire for/being amenable to fantasy.
    Nuff said
  4. I can be a hypocrite
    At times I'm needy/sensitive on the intake and brash on the output. I also frown upon senseless materialism yet I'm one of the most guilty of it myself.
  5. I become super energized and inspired after sex
    Very into late night post-coitus show-and-tell, using varied media. YouTube videos, kindle highlights, old Sinatra recordings. Often admired but never appreciated at the hour in which it occurs.
  6. I need to go first.
    I've just learned this recently. I just do. If I talk about my day first, and it's fully received, I'll feel completely loved and topped off and will ask you to tell me everything and listen with undivided attention. But I have to go first. I'm sorry!
  7. I know what you need to do.
    Are you a cardiologist who's not sure what blood thinner to put your patient on? Easy. Coumadin. How do I know? Because my ego tells me I got this, even when I don't. Need help with your script? I already know how to punch it up. Name for a business? How to navigate a scandal? I'M YOUR GUY apparently.
  8. I'll always try to make people who already like me like me more.
    This happens to people who have grown up with the mantra "am NOT a loser." Friendship feels perishable and conditional unless I'm constantly making myself valuable. :(
  9. Highly impressionable/prone to mimicry
    Though I think it's something more like "easily inspired," I tend to see something, like it, and take it on before I'm even conscious of it. This is the blessing of the easily convertible and plasticky mind, but unmanaged can appear strange and a bit dissociative.