1. @hollis and I made eye contact but we didn't say hello. Con: we did not meet. Pro: makes for more dynamic interplay in the future.
  2. @dev isn't just playing around with this thing. He has a plan, and knows what he's doing.
  3. @bjnovak is a human hub of coolness, kindness, and intelligence.
  4. I saw the blonde locks of @stamos from across the room, did not say hi. (We're all sensitive creatures!!) Then again I believe my reference to one of her lists would have made for uncomfortable in-person conversation.
  5. @samantharonson is infinitely more huggable as a non-smoker
  6. @helytimes and @davis were not there, which is good for them because I would have cornered them and monopolized all their time and conversation by way of the Great Debates podcast.
  7. @Waz wuz kewl
  8. Everyone was a very groovy soul! Can't wait till the first asshole comes in and makes snide comments. Bad day for us, first day of the rest of @bjnovak and @dev's life.