Is This Idea Taken? 📁

(I never posted this because it seemed like there wasn't enough payoff for the reader. This is a draft not in the sense that it's incomplete, but that it wasn't up to snuff. -Ed) The anatomy of an idea, it's appraisal, and the informal patent search by way of Googling to see if it already exists.
  1. As I was making a shake I was thinking about how society has shifted its focus from *what we do* that defines us to *what it feels like.*
  2. And it's not too far a leap to assume that we've become so psychologically self-aware because of the social media boom. Which we can't get enough of.
  3. "You asked for it." ➡️
  4. "You get the world you ask for" ➡️
  5. "You get the world you don't fight for"💡
  6. Hey that's pretty interesting. Is that a phrase? I bet people would love that phrase. Do I believe it? I guess a little. It's sounds better than it's helpful or important.
  7. Let's google it. Maybe my SIT (see a previous list) is too high and it actually is new. But is it all that important? One step at a time. Let's check.
  8. Wow. In all the vastness of the Internet, nobody has come up with the phrase "you get the world you don't fight for." So it's mine.
  9. Do I want it?
  10. Is it true?
  11. Now it's not making sense anymore. I've thought-filed the teeth off the gears of this one...
  12. You get the world you fight for, too. That's so much more optimistic.
  13. Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
  14. Maybe one day. We'll see.