1. The world is concurrently beautiful, peaceful, violent and shitty.
    and it has always been. It's the lens we see it through that is constantly evolving.
  2. Humanity is involved in a MASSIVE shift towards global consciousness, and most of the strife we're experiencing is based on the fact that, neurologically, we're not equipped to attain it.
    Consider it somewhat like a four legged animal attempting to be a bird. It first has to formally biologically "request" the evolution by way of trying to fly and falling to the ground. This, obviously took a long time. And so will this shift to global thinking and understanding.
  3. An "ISM" is something you have, and an "IST" is something you are. And people don't like the broad-stroke reduction of being an IST. There's no room for nuance.
    Case in point: ask 100 men if they support feminism, and you'll get far more answers in the affirmative than if you were to ask those same men if they were feminists. This is the key to advancing the cause. Verbiage. George W's administration were masters of this.
  4. A messy office is a powerful office.
  5. Drugs are pleasure loans.
    Some people pay off their loans on time, and others keep borrowing/accruing interest until they're buried in debt. Pay on time, enjoy your good credit score and don't live check to check.
  6. Memories are a hell of a drug.
  7. If you're not drinking and you're at a bar, leave before 12:30am.
  8. There is a distinctive borderline between people under the age of 30 and above.
    Lots of reasons why, but the most salient is this: most people under the age of 30 value personal beliefs and social/political alignments much more than those older than 30, and take a zero-sum approach to discussions of social issues. These issues are introduced earlier in conversation and last longer. They also don't require any level of pre-existing relationship and can even take place with strangers as a litmus test for future friendship. "It's just my belief" is something we used to say.
  9. Elvis Presley comes in many forms.
    For the Depression Era generation, Elvis seems to have been the moment they felt as if youth culture had gone to shit. It obviously didn't, and this youth culture won't, either. So embrace the Elvis in the room and let them shake their hips to social equality movements, rampant vicarious offense-taking and deeply entrenched hard line stances on formerly complex geo-political issues using newly minted phraseology!
  10. If you can understand basic human needs, you can understand almost (99.9%) anybody.
  11. If there's something you don't like that's happening, just wait. It will be over soon.
    If there's something you do like that's happening, enjoy it. It will be over soon.
  12. Growing old gracefully has NOTHING to do with wrinkles or gray hair. It has to do with realizing that as you ascend in some ways you step to the side in others. It's a painful but rewarding act.
  13. I believe this would not be the wrong place for a horribly absurd, tasteless and implicitly untrue nugget of dirtiness.
    Tension and release, kids.