Pleasures I'm Saving for Old Age

  1. Golf
    Most likely in a desert, like Palm Springs. Or future Los Angeles.
  2. Tennis
    This probably pre-dates golf. I will most likely give up sooner than later because there isn't as much cool gadgetry as there is in golf.
  3. Owning a big home
    There has always been something slightly sad to me about a multi-bedroom home as a bachelor pad. I want to put a down payment on a house with the woman I'm going to be living in it with.
  4. Having grandchildren
    This takes at least 19.5 years, in theory.
  5. Red wine and associated verbiage and knowledge of minutia.
  6. Recording a Christmas album
  7. Living in Northern California
  8. Conversations about maladies
  9. Traveling for leisure
  10. Loss of libido
  11. Not giving a fuck anymore
  12. Forgetting the names of people who once hurt me
  13. Laughing about death
  14. Having 30 year old memories about a street I still drive down
  15. Being able to say that I've known someone for 30/40/50 years
  16. Burying my friends
  17. Digging them out of the sand and thanking them for letting me bury them for a minute because it's something I've always wanted to do at the beach
  18. Telling my friends to rest in peace
    As they sleep soundly in my guest house after a wonderful dinner party.
  19. An enviable Marriage
    How do we do it? We just love each other and look out for each other. How do you not do it?
  20. Burning a house down for insurance money