1. Do not drink alcohol
    Even though this is one of the most significant changes in lifestyle you can make, self help books will never address this because it's considered by our culture as non-negotiable. People want to be told what to do, but only in a pre-designated area of comfort in their effort.
  2. Do not smoke
    If you follow rule one, this is usually a non-issue.
  3. "Everything in moderation" is bullshit.
    It's an intellectual pacifier for grown babies. The fact is some things you should never do, and some things you should do to extremes. If you're an artist of any kind, moderation is in fact your mortal enemy. "Everything is cause and effect" would be more the truth and less of a philosophical hand holding.
  4. Recommit
    Always. Freshen up that philosophy with another newer and different philosophy of you like, but always have an energetic and committed plan.
  5. The "perfect" misnomer
    We are not universally perfect, we are universally imperfect. Same result on an emotional level, more practical worldview on an intellectual one.
  6. Remember to be inappropriate.
    Even if only in thought, remember that bad taste, absurdity, inappropriateness, etc is a rhetorical device for healthy living.
  7. Do not put a clock around love.
    The only area where time is of zero essence is in matters of the heart. Don't fight your heart. It doesn't give a fuck about your conceptual blueprints.
  8. Partition love.
    Love is the only category of your life that can be out of step with your ideals and still be okay. Everyone on this planet is wrestling with love and relationship. Don't think you have to get love right to get the rest right. You'll do more harm than good if you try to sculpt your love life with the same integrity as your career.
  9. Passion isn't enough.
    Passion is one half of the compound of "working passionately." Passion is cheap, but working with a passion can change your life.