A boy can - and should - dream.
  1. Lets me say one savagely dirty thing in front of her at a dinner party to let everyone know she can handle it
    But wouldn't let me get away with another.
  2. Ain't afraid to drive somewhere a flight would have gotten us sooner
    Shoes off, feet up, podcasts and would-you-rathers
  3. I have secret man crush on her dad
  4. Manages complex emotions in order to say things like "I'm disappointed but I understand."
    This will get a lady everything she wants, but only if she means it.
  5. Zero trigger words
  6. Kills a Sunday afternoon and evening in cold blood
  7. Shows so much kindness at parties I can't tell who she didn't like until we get back in the car
    She has the craftiest and most observant put downs.
  8. V neck tee and jeans and destroys the place
  9. Is vaguely spiritual
    Situated within a larger construct of curricular thinking
  10. Looks at me like Kim looks at Kanye