In the style of @Adam. I'm constantly making iPhone notes. More than I text, really. Presented without fear or ego.
  1. Life is art made from found items
  2. I do not believe we are meant to be unhappy.
  3. My clothes smell like your houseYour house smells like a home Your face rings like a bell
  4. Are you still free Honeybee
  5. We still playing silly games / and she's picking out baby names
  6. They say I like to get around How I wish that it were true I gave my heart to seven girlsAnd all of them were you
  7. Full moon in the afternoon....
  9. Nice to knowYour heart still works If only by how bad it hurts
  10. It ain't over til it's over And even then I'm not so sure
  12. Hurt me once I'll let it be Hurt me twice you're dead to me Three times makes you family