Requested by @brendohare whose 'The Godfather' list made me belly laugh.
  1. "Adrian, I gotta punch this guy, and I gotta punch him hard."
  2. "Why did you climb all those stairs, Rocky? You gonna punch Apollo Creed with your legs? Stay on target."
  3. "Punch him hard, Rocky!"
  4. "Morning Paulie. Notice something different? No? Ugh. It's my chain. I got a new gold chain. Never mind. Shotgun."
  5. "Yo Adrian!! Where are my keys?"
  6. "This gym smells like piss."
  7. "These gloves smell something awful."
  8. "Either of us could win this fight, but the more I think about it I really feel like it should be me."
  9. "Yo Paulie. If I'm punching a big slab of meat cause I can't afford a punching bag, you think somewhere someone's eating a punching bag cause they can't afford a steak?"
    This line has roundly been panned by movie critics everywhere, saying the "quasi-joke" "has no place in an otherwise fine movie" and "in no way represents [the spirit] of the character as portrayed with aplomb by [Stallone]." (Leonard Maltin)
  10. "You put enough coke up my nose, I'll fight pretty much anything."
  11. "Look at Rocky box!"
  12. "Punch his fucking dick off, kid!"
    Often misquoted as "punch his fucking dick off, bro!"
  13. "I'm here Rocky! I'm here! I was just in the bathroom taking a dump! You did it baby!"