This question has plagued me for years, and with the addition of @PopSci I was thinking about some unpopular sciences. Please use suggestions and comments to help me solve this once and for all.
  1. In the '80s TV show Knight Rider, KITT (which is a sentient car, you snooze you lose, millennials) rides behind a semi truck (serving as mobile headquarters) on the highway and drives up its ramp while both vehicles are in motion.
  2. Wouldn't Kitt be going twice as fast once it hit the ramp and tear through the truck?
  3. Or does the car travel the same speed as the truck, so it's canceled out, or once it hits the ramp does it have to brake real fast, or...see, I'm lost again.
  4. Pt I
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  5. Pt II
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  6. Pt III
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  7. Pt IV
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