Are you a sufferer of KDS or KMS?
  1. I'm dad aged.
  2. I do not have children.
    I do believe I am ready.
  3. If I had kids, I would see the world from their point of view. New celebrities, social mores, trends, styles etc.
    "My daughter loves [insert name here.] It makes her happy and that makes me happy. I remember what that stuff meant at my age, so what if the names and styles have changed. I want to get her tickets to see [name.]"
  4. Since I don't have kids, my brain still thinks all this shit is still meant for me to consume and weigh in on.
    "What's the deal with [name]? They're lame and the world is a stale repeat of itself. This sucks. And that seventeen year old girl who I have no business having an opinion about really gets under my skin!!!"
  5. Everyone is allowed and entitled to move through the world at their own pace, but society does have these little waypoints whereby once you pass them, you lose certain access privileges.
  6. So I'll just watch the world go by, and see things as being laid out for my future children to discover, love, hate, and interact with. Until then, I'm gonna practice my new mantra: just because I can see it doesn't mean it's meant for me.
  7. Hey, fuck you, time!
  8. Hey, thank you, time.