Things I'm Packing for a Trip to NYC

A glimpse into my mind the day or two before a flight. When I'm not up for the travel (which is most of the time) the pack becomes a study in conceptual materialism.
  1. Leica M digital rangefinder camera
    The fixed gear bicycle of cameras. Though it's a digital camera, it still has all the same heart and soul of an old 35mm.
  2. Visvim leather jacket
    @maggiemcguane helped narrow down which jacket I should wear to pieces all year. This thing is structured so well it's like a little leather dwelling.
  3. Spartan selection of clothing
    This may be more of a guy thing, although my fashion prediction for women is that it will soon become cool to wear some of the same things over and over. (Wearing a pair of boots into their own butter soft, round-the-world-twice patina is just waiting on Rihanna to start the trend.) Simple, tightly focused clothes packs are what make us all feel powerful, steady, defined and focused on the experiences to come rather than self-decoration.
  4. Rigaud travel candles
    A small candle by the bed has become a travel staple in the past few years. Helps maintains a sense of constancy.
  5. iPad. STOCKED.
    When people say "packing" they really mean "downloading and charging devices." Nothing is better than sitting down on a plane knowing you have more great programs you've been waiting to watch than you have hours in the flight to watch them.
  6. 1975 Martin D-45 acoustic guitar
    Found this guitar in Tokyo and had a spiritual moment with it. One of those rare instruments that have everything inside it. Also, at the risk of sounding cloying, it's like having an old friend there. Nothing on earth is better than singing yourself to sleep.
  7. Max Pittion "Politician" sunglasses
    An old, long-defunct French eyewear line that I restarted. The Politician frames are the single coolest silhouette around. Invented in the 1940s, I found a pair in 2010 and knew I had to manufacture them again.
  8. Personalized stationery
    Can't stress this enough: personalized stationery makes life so much more fun. And okay, maybe it is more fun if there's a name at the top of it that's recognizable, but how do I know you're not @KatDennings or @bjnovak or @AllisonWilliams? Chances are good that you are, so you know what I'm saying. And if you're not, THAT'S OKAY TOO. Handwritten notes throughout a trip leave a lasting impression and make you feel like the classy person you mostly only dream of being.