Mayery Draftmas! I'm not going to be negative or say these are pet peeves. I just notice them.
  1. When someone types on an iPhone and it makes that key ticking sound
    They don't seem to notice this.
  2. When waiters/waitresses forget to bring the Diet Coke I ordered
    80 percent of all Diet cokes go undelivered. I notice this.
  3. When someone driving has dry hands and you can hear their palms rub against the steering wheel as they turn
    Highly noticeable once you notice it
  4. When the cookie you cheated on yourself by eating doesn't taste good enough to make it rewarding.
    Double burn.
  5. When someone uses a word soon after hearing me use it.
    I noticed you've never said "venerable" before.
  6. There is no clear rule about cutoff times for overnight delivery.
    Sometimes at 11am you have 4 hours left, sometimes you have 22 hours and 14 minutes for delivery two days later.
  7. When people call me by my full name to my face.
    If this is how to best deal with some discomfort, I can notice that gracefully.
  8. Everyone is a sociology expert.
    I notice this has replaced the Pop Culture Expert.