(This one stayed in drafts for obvious reasons. Here ya go, Gene! Viva la Draft Week!) List request from @sweetbabygene. Here goes all the good will I've garnered. Really going for full alienation here, but at least Gene knows I'm a good pal.
  1. When the seatbelt on the private jet reeks of someone's overbearing perfume.
  2. Meet and greets in the summertime and the stew of sweaty handshakes.
  3. The sadness of knowing I can never use a service like Tinder.
  4. 200+ guitars and I'm still looking for the one.
  5. The intellectual injustice of knowing someone's not-so-secretly taking your picture and having to remember it's best to let it go.
  6. Getting over an ex while she's plastered on billboards everywhere
  7. When people tell you how much they love the album you made ten years ago.
  8. Buying a Ferarri 599, driving it off the lot and racing it to Vegas. (I was getting over the ex on the billboard.)
  9. The pain of selling a Ferarri 599 for half of what you paid three years later.