Thoughts About Oranges

  1. Oranges are all different.
    It's anarchy, really.
  2. They're clean inside there.
    Think about it. Behind that peel lies a bounty untouched by man. And they're all different.
  3. Orange peels are a major contributor to garbage smells.
    Along with coffee, poultry/fish, and "scrapin's."
  4. Hard to tell when an orange goes bad.
    You just sort of learn to vibe with it.
  5. Lots of people eat oranges right next to a garbage can.
    Have a seat. Enjoy this orange.
  6. If you're an asshole and you buy enough oranges you can make your own orange juice.
  7. Oranges are one of the only fruits that are synonymous with the vitamin they possess.
  8. Oranges are historically quite easy to replicate as a candy flavor
    Can't say the same for cherries.
  9. Oranges really cap off a lunchbox.
  10. Mandarins, clementines, tangelos
    Don't forget about the little guys
  11. They are compatible with multiple axes of slicing/eating and are completely different experiences for each.
  12. Oranges prevent scurvy
    Scurvy is an awesome and word, much like jaundice.
  13. They're perfect for juggle practice
    Try before you buy!