Hi everyone, miss ya.
  1. Being prepared is amazing.
    I've always been the guy in rehearsals who "will have it by showtime," and in fact I do, but there's something nice about being so familiar with the material that I'm not responsible for any train wrecks.
  2. Being all-in can be lonely.
    I'm up in the Bay Area for the next month, and the only friends I have here leave to go home at about 7pm. I live in an RV in the parking lot. When the work day is over, it feels a lot like living alone in a submarine. (Anybody in San Rafael wanna hang??)
  3. Living in this RV is awesome.
    It's not just any RV, it's a spaceship for grown ups. Watching Netflix in pajamas (what up @bjnovak @helytimes @davis @medina) in my little bunk bed is my six year old fantasy come to life.
  4. I love what I do the most when I'm contributing to a project other than my solo stuff.
    When I'm making my records and touring, everything is so Germaine to itself. You almost can't feel it, it's so in line. But playing on these Dead tunes, every last kinesthetic move is a joy. And it hits me that I do this for a living, and I belong in the world, if only to perform this one task.
  5. I'm not the kid anymore.
    I may be the youngest guy in the band, but gone is the frenetic vibe I used to put across. I can finally talk to anyone like a guy who gives and deserves respect, who isn't in quicksand and fighting to stay afloat in life. For those younger folk who talk a lot, there might not be a future where you talk less (can't change who you are), but you can talk with more tread and confidence to it.
  6. Being in a band is hard.
    You can't understand for the life of you why xxxxx would decide to do xxxxx this way, and if they would only xxxxx like you mentioned, we wouldn't be dealing with xxxxx. It's just the way it goes.
  7. This experience will stay with me forever.
    When you "do time" in an outfit like this, you'll always have the badge of honor. It's not the reason for doing it, but it's a nice bonus. It's a musical chevron. A stripe.
  8. This is going to be a fucking great tour.
    To hear and feel in the room what I thought on paper would work, I already know it's in the bag.