An imagined conversion about music between a man who woke up from a 20 year cryogenic sleep and a modern day unfrozen college kid.
  1. "Do they still have mix tapes?"
    "Yah, hip hop artists make them."
  2. "Wait, rappers make mixes of different songs they like for other people?"
    "No, that's a playlist."
  3. "A playlist like radio stations have?"
    "What's a radio station? You mean like Spotify?"
  4. "What's Spotify, is that a detergent? What about albums? They must have those still."
    "Yah, I have a bunch on my phone. Mostly just pics of me and my friends, or stuff we think is funny."
  5. "No, I mean records."
    "You mean like most likes for an Instagram? I think Kylie Jenner holds that record."
  6. "Who's Kylie Jenner? Never mind..."
  7. " Nirvana still cool?"
    "Oh yah, the t-shirt company. They're very cool."
  8. What about Biggie? Tupac? They still around still?"
    "Oh yah, Tupac's still around. But about Biggie..."