I never loved the travel part of touring. But with the benefit of having taken several years off from the road, I made an effort to confront everything I didn't like about the experience and changed it. Here's what I've done, put into the perspective of giving advice to myself.
  1. Don't drink and tour.
    (Disclaimer: cutting drinking out of your lifestyle is what I would file under "good work when you can get it." I happened to find the right moment to put it away, and I don't assume the same for everyone else.) Bad for singing, flying, riding in a car, and pretty much any other experience on the road. Yes, the spikes are removed from the pleasure nexus, but so are the deep trenches. Cutting out alcohol has made every moment more manageable, even-keeled, and dad I say it, pretty damn enjoyable.
  2. Let room service wow you.
    I'm a classic "leave it all right here and get out" room service customer. But that leads to the depressing act of eating while standing up, hovering over food on a cart that would have been so much more dignified to sit and enjoy at a table. Room service is a restaurant that comes to you. Enjoy it as such! Also, let them set up while you go do something else. You don't have to stand next to them and wait uncomfortably.
  3. Pajamas.
    I can't stress this enough - buy some nice pajamas. Not only are they more comfortable than any other sleepwear alternative, they ritualize bedtime and make lights-out time really peaceful and something to relish. For more on pajamas listen here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-xq5c3-58754d
  4. Try and sleep once a day.
    Sounds crazy, but it isn't. Sleep well, and sleep once. Break the habit of falling asleep just to pass the time. It breeds existential dread. If you follow rules one and two, your sleep will be pretty well regulated. Make a phone call in the back of the car. Text a friend and check in on them. Answer emails on the plane. Don't close your eyes just to make life go away.
  5. Candles and music.
    Light a candle and do away with hotel lamps and lights. Play some instrumental music. Make a chill zone out of your space.
  6. Bring a blanket from home.
    Not a big one. Just something to lay out on your bed when you sleep so there's one material constant.
  7. Dress well.
    Nice clothes are a classic element of travel. It inspires a certain respect for and appreciation of the process. Remember, travel is a luxury unto itself! You don't have to have a ton of stuff. Just super nice staples. Things that feel good to the touch. Soft wins on the road!
  8. Get nice luggage*.
    This will be sure to alienate but remember this is very "case" specific. Let me explain - I just bought myself the going away present (road bribe?) of some very nice luxury hard-sided luggage. They sit on the floor like furniture, not reminders of being away from home. Gone is the equipment I associate with airport delays, mad passengers, and crying babies. These are from the bygone days of ocean liners and Studebakers. *this is not imperative but damn it's nice after over 15 years on the road.
  9. Cut coffee and replace with green tea
    I know this is like the drinking one, but if you can? Getting rid of caffeine spikes and crashes is another way to enjoy more of the day, and in turn, the year. I'll do an espresso shot if it's early in the day and sip tea instead of coffee later in the afternoon. (I cut coffee initially to control acid reflux but it turns out it was worth it in other ways as well.)
  10. Basically do everything a young musician would call lame.
    Let the 23 year olds sing like angels after getting black out drunk the night before. Now *that's* good work when you can get it.
  11. Never wish for less time.
    That's not why we're here. If you're waiting for something to be over all the time, that's a good way to know it's time to change your approach to it.