Sunday nights always bring about an epic quest for the hard to find, uncomfortable to watch, and perhaps that which does not even exist.
  1. Some kind of '70s era music gear.
    Rack mounted pre-amp? Could be. Pair of vintage speakers/speaker cab? I'm interested. Something made famous via a cocaine-assisted rock opera? GO ON.
  2. Vintage Casio Data Bank watch
    Model DBC-60. New old stock. Black plastic.
  3. Fall/Winter '15 season clothes
    Not out yet.
  4. Newly uploaded videos of non-consent stops/searches, lawful-yet-obnoxious filming of police, anything with the question "am I being detained?"
    I have seen them all.
    [I miss the early days of ListApp.]
  6. A simple breakdown of the Meek Mill/Drake skirmish
    I am thirty seven now.
  7. Any good reason to charge my Apple Watch again
  8. Tinder for dogs
  9. Vintage rock t-shirts on eBay
    This is harder than it seems. Yesteryear's XL is today's M.
  10. A nearly-finished List draft that can be easily salvaged/completed and posted
    Daddy needs them blue dots tonight.
  11. Cool new fonts
  12. Maybe a cool new flashlight?
  13. Maybe a cool new knife.
  14. Anything that ships tomorrow for Tuesday.
  15. Stuff I already own so to lust after that which is already mine
    (Anybody else do this?????)
  16. LiveLeak videos that are brutal but not fatal.
  17. Oh look, I'm tired.
    Mission accomplished.