What Millennials on Instagram Are Trying to Say, in So Many Posts

I present this list without negativity or criticism. It is merely a collection of the distilled sentiments from thousands of posts I've seen in the past year.
  1. I am overwhelmed and hungry a lot.
    When did I become an adult?!
  2. It is nice to be with my friends.
  3. My take on glamour is not very glamorous, but that's so me when you think about it.
  4. It is hilarious when something that happens to me also happens to other people.
    I too sometimes say "fine" when someone asks "what's up?"!!
  5. Drake is a doofus yet I still admire him greatly. But that's the relationship we have.
  6. Love is very difficult, so I cling to platonic nostalgia for now.
    Nail art won't break your heart.
  7. Hangovers are uncomfortable.
  8. Nobody messes with Beyoncé.
    It feels clever and somehow fitting to treat her like nobility.
  9. Pizza is yummy and I am always in the mood for it.
    Pizza is yummy and funny.
  10. 2005 was ten years ago. 2000 was 15 years ago. 1995 was 20 years ago. 1990 was 25 years ago. 1985 was 30 years ago.
    Things that are in the past are unsettling and will definitely take some getting used to.