Why I'm @vogue Follow Material

I'm not begging. I'm simply laying out a very rational and impartial case for being followed by @Vogue magazine.
  1. I was named one of @gq's 20 most stylish people on the planet (Earth, 2015)
  2. I was also named in Esquire's 2010 Celebrity Style Hall of Shame.
    I was going through a thing.
  3. I own an eyewear line called Max Pittion that is sold in high end stores and was twice featured in Japan Vogue. That's basically the Vogue magazine of Japan.
  4. I'm the voice of a new generation of females fine that's @lenadunham
  5. OOOOH. I know.
  6. "Mr. Mayer has established a reputation within the cultish watch community as a tastemaker, a discerning critic and a champion of horology." - NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES
  7. I'm sorry I swore. That was very un-Vogue. But I got excited because that was a slam dunk and you know it!!
  8. I took this pictu - I made this photograph of Harry Styles once. As a Christmas present I sent him a six foot high print of it. I'm basically like George Clooney. Always prankin'!
  9. I'm a nice guy and we have a lot of the same friends. Ask them about me. You just have to kind of make it past the weird little asteroid belt around me, and then you'll see that my worst offense is misrepresenting the good dude I am. I'm Vogue Listapp material. I know this.
  10. Thanks for considering, @Vogue.