I am interested in purchasing the following wares:
  1. Pony Express-era pony bones
    Vestiges of our Nation's earliest postal service. Need documentation/provenance, but would spend high five figures for good pony bones that delivered the mail real far.
  2. Ted Kaczinsky's childhood bed
    I would never profiteer by purchasing the bed of a madman for personal financial gain (even if his tiny little not-evil-yet body slept in it.) I want to use it as an ottoman for my electric chair.
  3. TV Guides with Tracy Gold on the cover
    Either solo or in a duo/group setting.
  4. Unmade paper airplanes
  5. Show Poster from Masachisto! The Exploding Magician
    Money is no object when it comes to acquiring this highly sought after piece of magic history. Masachisto! was active between the year 1790. His piece de resistance trick was detonating a bomb collar he wore which exploded his head. He died during the first full dress rehearsal on the day of show.
  6. Fisher Price plastic record lathe
  7. "Stars of the NBA" Nativity Scene
    This highly questionable holiday lawn decoration was sold for a brief period in the mid 1970s before NBA regulation on licensing and trademark usage was instituted. Especially interested in John-Havlicek-as-baby-Jesus figurine.
  8. Peace and Quiet
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    My two little ones are a handful but they're worth it!