1. It was actually a "workshop" and I was reminded of that many times
  2. A lady sang a Native American song (that I think she was making up as she went) while "cleansing us" - all 65 of us...one by one, with a red tailed hawk feather wand/dreamcatcher thingy
  3. Cried
  4. Tried to sit up straight. Could not
  5. Watched the sun go down because, it was a workshop after all, so it was four hours in length
  6. "Shook my organs" for thirty minutes
  7. Oh, this workshop was called "yoking the heartstrings" so, they were yoked at about the three hour mark
  8. Giggled all through plow pose
  9. Realized I'm amazing at shoulder/head stands
  10. Put myself on the mailing list for the next workshop