Not very fun ways to get dumped.
  1. By sabotaging it all by yourself because you don't deserve to be loved
  2. getting dumped because you accidentally send a sext to your boyfriend but you really meant it for the person you're cheating on him with, and you can't play it off like it was actually meant for him because your sex life is actually dead.
  3. Via text (arguably, actually the BEST way to get dumped. Less mess for everyone. But the rest of the world seems to disagree.)
  4. Via Facebook relationship status update (really embarrassing because you're still on Facebook)
  5. Through face-to-face conversation. The mere thought sends chills down my spine.
  6. On a Monday.
  7. In a car (the most popular place for dumps in LA. Substitute street corners on the lower east side for NY)
  8. When tapas are present
  9. Cuz you gained weight/let yourself go