In order-ish. Inspired by Jen Doll on The Hairpin
  1. The one without booze (Kansas City?)
    Pretty sure the first wedding I ever attended was with my college girlfriend Jennifer. I think it was a sorority friend of hers. It was at a tiny church, with the reception in the basement. There was no booze. Almost wedding since then has had alcohol at the reception.
  2. Jennifer and James (Des Moines)
    My college girlfriend smartly married a guy who wasn't gay.
  3. Jason and Patricia (Louisville, KY)
  4. Bill and Tami (Denver)
    I was the best man for my brother's wedding. One of the kids kept blowing out the candles during the service.
  5. Jen and Jeff (Seattle)
  6. Halet and Samantha (Newport, RI)
  7. David and Ashley (Dallas)
  8. Jim and Chris (Santa Monica)
    First Catholic wedding
  9. April and Cort (Malibu)
  10. Elizabeth and Eric (San Diego)
  11. Jason and Veronica (Garden Grove, CA)
  12. Lori and Tony (Philadelphia)
  13. Pam and John (St. Paul, MN)
  14. Shawn and Nadia (Columbus, OH)
  15. Steve and Cibele (Rio de Janeiro)
    First international wedding
  16. Amy and Chris (Kansas City)
  17. Carrie and Alan (Santa Barbara)
    Shortest wedding. Five minutes, tops.
  18. Jamie and Richard (Las Vegas)
  19. Tom and Heather (Los Angeles)
  20. Jacinda and Gabriel (Byron Bay, Australia)
  21. Brendan and Esther (Santa Monica)
  22. Kelly and Brian (Maui)
  23. Miguel and Faith (Boulder)
  24. Me and Mike (Los Angeles)
    We got married in that five-month window before Prop 8. We rented the house from a season of The Bachelor. My friend Dan officiated.
  25. Amy and Matt (Des Moines)
  26. Miles and Carl (Los Angeles)
  27. Matt and Maeve (Malibu)
  28. Dana and Quinn (Jamestown, VA)
  29. Paul and Janeen (San Francisco)
    They had rhubarb pie instead of cake because you do you.
  30. David and Holly (Park City, UT)
  31. Ryan and Blake (Charleston, SC)
  32. Marcy and Jeff (Las Vegas)
  33. Ryan and Scarlett (Tofino, BC)
  34. Irene and Drew (Los Angeles)
  35. Jordan and Whitney (Los Angeles)
  36. Rawson and Sarah (Los Angeles)
    New Year's Eve wedding, which is a really smart idea. You will never forget the anniversary.