(That don't include me.) Idea from Ava Tramer but I can't link for some reason. Thanks Ava!
  1. John August Roebling
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    German engineer known for the Brooklyn Bridge.
  2. John August Westberg
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    Christian homesteader
  3. Kellan Lutz
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    It's on a page that talks about me adapting Wonder, which I didn't.
  4. Melissa McCarty and Elle Fanning
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    From my movie The Nines.
  5. Ryan Reynolds
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    Also from The Nines.
  6. H.P. Lovecraft
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    I wrote a Lovecraft movie
  7. John August Panintuan
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    Philippine musician
  8. John August Schumacher
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    Senior system administrator at Airlite Plastics Co
  9. Shazam/Captain Marvel
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    I wrote this too.
  10. John C. Anderson (Johannes Andersson)
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    Danish Mormon
  11. John R. August
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    Feline internal medicine specialist
  12. John August of Matawan, NJ
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    Bankruptcy attorney