This is a screenplay I've been writing forever (2 years? more?) that keeps getting pushed back by other assignments. Finish line in sight.
  1. The car chase/crash
    These are always the worst. They're not rewarding at all, because no one seeing the movie knows how much you struggled to convey the geography and urgency of the scene. But it has to be here, and be cool.
  2. The ambulance
    Super short. Should be half a page at most.
  3. The betrayal
    Probably the scene I'm most excited to write.
  4. The goodbye
    I have a hunch I'll end up writing dialogue that will make me rewrite earlier scenes. That's okay.
  5. The morgue
    I hand-wrote this at 5am in Dublin, and I wonder if it's completely the wrong tone. Someone will tell me.
  6. The mountain chase
    Remember that Kirstie Alley/Tom Berenger/Sidney Poitier movie? This isn't that, but I love that movie.
  7. Olivia at the cabin
    I honestly have no idea how this scene is going to work. At some point, she needs to get the other character to make a phone call, but that's it.
  8. The drive to the mountains
    Maybe I'm stalling on writing this because I feel like it would never survive in the cut. It's a character scene in the third act. We may be plot plot plot by that point.
  9. The knife fight
    Again, not enjoyable to write, because it's just a bunch of short sentences to convey something that should look cool on screen. Knives!
  10. The ritual
    I think I may already have this hand-written somewhere. The best scenes are the ones you discover Earlier You already wrote. I think I was on a plane to Chicago when I wrote this.