If you haven't seen the movie, the monster kills the last person you had sex with before coming after you, so with smart planning, you can screw your way to safety. (I originally blogged this pre-List App, but I figured listers would have more solid suggestions.)
  1. International airline pilots and/or crews
  2. Tanker ship captains
  3. Federal prisoners
  4. Astronauts
  5. Kimmy Schmidt (pre-2015)
  6. Marquess of Queensberry
    We're all watching Mike Tyson Mysteries, right?
  7. Edward Cullen
  8. Vladimir Putin
    Kim Jong-un would also work, but I think I'd rather die than fuck him.
  9. Dr. Who
    Time-traveller and immortal.
  10. Dr. Bruce Banner
  11. Most models of Terminator