I've been with my husband for 15 years, and while I wouldn't give it up for anything, there are a few things I honestly miss about dating.
  1. Seeing people's apartments
    It's like going to a real estate open house, but you don't have to sign in on the little sheet. Plus it's kind of messy and lived in. And wait: I have that same IKEA table!
  2. The short bio
    How people recap the 20-odd years that happened before this first date is really revealing.
  3. Taking out the wingman
    The friend of the really hot guy is generally more interesting anyway.
  4. Background research
    I got out of the game before Facebook and Twitter, but even in those early internet days I was good at recon.
  5. Learning about people's jobs
    I'm pretty much the interviewer on the Working podcast.
  6. Wait, was that flirting?
    You know how Brad Pitt has face-blindness? I couldn't tell when someone was flirting. Maybe it was low self-esteem, but I would often realize days later that a guy was hitting on me. But I sort of miss my flirting autism.
  7. The 10 minutes after having sex the first time
    Sometimes a really good conversation. Sometimes really awkward. Sometimes just a refractory period before round two. Regardless, the ice has been broken.
  8. Seeing how they liked my dog
    I had an awesome pug. If they didn't like him, this wasn't going to work out.
  9. Terrible dates that make good anecdotes
    This one guy was really rich and said, "You're the kind of guy my therapist wants me to date. I could get you a trainer and better clothes, but you can't fix someone's soul."
  10. Guessing what people look like naked
    And then getting to find out.