For a Dodger and UCLA fan, the worst sports day in recent memory. Writing this in fetal position
  1. Mattingly pulling Kershaw in Game 1
    Why do you pull the best pitcher in the game against David Wright, who he's been dominating all game? For Pedro Baez?
  2. Mattingly starting Rollins over Seager in Game 3
    Bottom of the 2nd, Cespedes runs out an infield single because Rollins takes his sweet time fielding the ball and throwing to first. This starts a four run rally. Wtf Rollins. Eager Seager would have completed that play no problem
  3. Ethier catching d'Arnoud's foul out (sac fly) in Game 5
    Should he have caught that foul ball? I've always imagined this situation and always thought that if the foul ball is deep enough and there's a runner on 3rd, there's no need to catch it. Just let it drop as a foul ball and hope for a better pitch. Don't let the tying run score on that!
  4. None of our mid-season trades panning out
    Jim Johnson, Alex Wood, Mat Latos WTF! Only Wood pitched in the NLDS and he got rocked. Johnson was designated during the series and Latos was released a long time ago. The only guy who panned out was Utley who saved game 2 but gave us bad karma and broke a dude's leg in the process. Wtg front office