Just close your eyes and imagine Garry Marshall saying, "I forgot the bags." Maybe he never said it, but I don't know and you don't know.
  1. "I forgot the bags." - Garry Marshall
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    This might be at the grocery store, or anywhere you can bring your own recyclable bags. I like to think that Garry Marshall recycles!
  2. "Ok great. Thanks, pal." - Michael Keaton
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    I imagine this to a valet guy or handyman, Keaton's wearing sunglasses and chewing gum.
  3. "I adore this." - Angelica Huston
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    It just seems like Angelica Huston loves sharing her admiration for things in a very polite, professional way.
  4. "Where are my manners?" - Kevin Spacey
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    He must have said this (while not really meaning it!) on House of Cards, right?
  5. "That's very kind of you to say." - Kyle Chandler
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    Kyle "Calendar" Chandler never forgets a birthday, and never doesn't thank a fan for saying hey.
  6. "I put Queens back on the map!" - Fran Drescher
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    This is kind of cheating, because I saw her say this on Jay Leno when I was a child, but she did and it is!
  7. "Homonym." - John Malkovich
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    In that slow, methodical, intense way that he says everything!