This list will help me forget things less moving forward.
  1. Today 7/17/2015 - grocery bags, coffee, all around decency
  2. Last week - bike lock, lights, any thought for future self
  3. June 2015 - came home, changed from pants to shorts because it was hot. Big mistake.
  4. Just the other day - I forgot my wallet like an idiot.
  5. Always - any piece of mail/invite/coupon/receipt that I need for whatever I'm leaving the house for
  6. When my parents come to visit - a copy of a DVD they want to watch in their rv (last time it was GIANT)
  7. May 15th - "why did I drive back here?"
  8. Last Thursday at 4am - luggage I packed for a trip on an airplane, the very plane I boarded only an hour later
  9. Summers - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen
  10. I should have an umbrella in my car, just in case.