Here are some ideas for beating the start & quit method each year..
  1. Adopt a new routine - mine was the Miracle Morning, aka SAVER
    Check out Hal Elrod's stuff - here's a short video to get you started..
  2. Don't join a cult; instead, find a Facebook group for support / accountability
    There are any number of groups for almost anything you're trying to do or interest you want to start
  3. Look for 1% solution instead of the home runs
    James Altucher got me started on this idea of incremental improvements, instead of the binge workouts we tend to do
  4. Sweeten the deal
    Some people like Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week fame use the failure game - I prefer the carrot method myself. Charles Duhigg also found this to be more effective in the long run (check out the Power of Habit)
  5. Create systems that make things easier
    For example, laying out your workout clothes the night before is one less thing that you have to think about in the morning. Studies show how any decision however small affects willpower, which is often why we quit good intentions or ultimately give up.
  6. When the going gets tough.. Ask "why"
    Besides the work of Simon Sinek, check out the other book by Duhigg SMARTER, FASTER, BETTER - if your "why" is strong enough, the "how" gets easier!
  7. Follow the serenity prayer
    Get more clear on what you can change, what you can't (at least for the moment,) and how to accept things
  8. Find the feeling you want
    Too often we focus on "stuff" and miss out on the point of what we really want. Love, family, success.. What is it that you want to feel having these? Is it contentment? Security? (See Desire Map by Danielle Laporte)
  9. Play games
    Why have FitBit and Pokemon taken off? Check out this TED talk by Jane McGonical -
  10. Decide to commit to process vs. goals
    Here I share how goals are for suckers, as Scott Adams talks about -