Misconceptions I Had As A Child

I wish I could say that I was suddenly wiser the minute I turned older.. But some of these misbeliefs stuck around well into adulthood.. But better late than never, right?
  1. That there are absolutes - metal seemed like impossibly solid and durable. I quickly learned how thing break.. Never mind our hearts!
  2. That everyone else is just like me, so they automatically get where I'm coming from.
  3. That families are forever, and you simply love each other no matter what. Boy, did I have a lot to learn!
  4. That there are certain kinds of people - the kind that get divorced, the kind that get into trouble and go to jail, the kind that are bad.. it's amazing what you realize when you walk in someone else's shoes..
  5. That being an adult means boring stuff like working at some job all day, then sitting around talking when you're not working. I didn't see much point in wanting to get old faster.
  6. That anything cool would automatically sell - my first failed ventures included a starfish store (only selling ones I found on the beach,) and dog sitting businesses.
  7. That I simply had to choose what I wanted to be, and it would happen - somehow I was going to be a scientist / entrepreneur / astronaut. How? Ah, details..
  8. That *what* you said mattered more than *how* you said it. Guess that makes me ISTJ or something like that..
  9. That there was one soulmate for each of us, and we'd recognize each other once we found one another.
  10. That school years lasted forever, yet summers end at the blink of any eye and thirty something was "old."