Went strictly with those celebs who were within talking distance - whether we actually chatted or not was totally up to them, so I blame them for missing out
  1. Worked with Gary Sinise on CSI-NY - just background actor so we don't really talk to principals
  2. Ran into my childhood hero George Lucas in a Borders book store by Marin
  3. Shook hands with Ed Sheeran before working on music video with him
  4. Got my arm ripped off by RZA In Black Keys video
  5. Most of the original Star Trek crew - Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, Doohan, Takei at various Trekkie conventions
  6. Took a poker class with WSOP winner Annie Duke
  7. Ran into Four Hour Work Week author Tim Ferriss at tango event
  8. Bumped into Bill Murray at another tango event
  9. Might've met Rachel Leigh Cooke at another tango practice (maybe she'll confirm or deny this one day)
  10. Danced next to J Lo in, you guessed it, another music video - starting to see pattern for meeting celebs?
  11. Stood behind Rainn Wilson aka Dwight Shute in fake shareholders meeting for episode of The Office
  12. High five'd Tim Tebow in two commercial shoots - and guy still can't get my name right! Nice guy though 😃
  13. Getting a hot dog, I see Cuban Gooding Jr having the same idea (guess it also helps to live near LA)