Okay, I can neither confirm nor deny if I've ever done anything illegal or sketchy. But here are some of the ways that I'm willing to share!
  1. Traded an iPod for friend's entire CD collection - most sold for $5 but several for $20-30
    What was cool was that the friend got to take his music collection on an around the world sailing trip, and I got to make some cash from winning that iPod.. Life works in mysterious ways!
  2. Caught a business illegally showing a boxing match on hidden camera
    Felt like a spy and was afraid if I got caught, I might be missing kneecaps..
  3. Taking photos of local restaurants and businesses with my smart phone
    Basically, an online Yelp-like site needed content to launch - some folks (especially Asians) were paranoid and refused to let me take pictures. Sometimes I was fast enough to do it before they could kick me out!
  4. Playing lifeguard for navy student pilots (ironic because I was about to be in their shoes) and working on a sailboat before flight training
    Ah, the "Great Wait" - Reagan's mighty 600 ship navy was about to get downsized, so they didn't know what to do with a bunch of us recruited..
  5. DJ for Argentine tango events and even performing with my Swedish dance partner for a Latino association
    Did I mention that I'm Chinese..? Yeah, tango's been such a catalyst in my life - taking me to amazing places, meeting incredible people and just opening my eyes to a world I didn't know existed! Http://bit.ly/oh-tango
  6. Climbing on top of shopping malls and office buildings
    They told me to be careful what you get good at.. I didn't listen! So, somehow I ended up all over the place inspecting buildings - http://bit.ly/not-dream-job
  7. Sold a five-dollar bill for $275
    Years ago, I got a funny looking five out of an ATM and held on to it.. Ended up selling it on eBay!
  8. Drove over 350 miles to film a guy talking
    Long & short of it, guy needed a video made, so I shot it on my iPad and recorded his voice on my smartphone.. Don't ask me how I got this gig.. Not sure how I get most of these!
  9. Getting my arm (luckily fake) ripped off for a music video (see photo)
    So, the Black Keys needed RZA to tear my arm off. They sent me to a SFX guys who were cool. Not sure if these links work.. But here it is - https://youtu.be/OJ8Gtx45Fmc
  10. Stumbling on a church event (festival) in Little Italy of New York City as a kid and winning money
    To this day I'm still not sure how legal it was for a minor to play, much less win money - usually, I know that casinos would take back their money and again, I'm glad to still have my kneecaps!