Almost sounds like that song "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" but it is really a mystery how our warm sole mates end up solo.. Here are some of my ideas where to begin the search..
  1. Land of Naughty Children
    Lump of coal and ONE sock - that's all you get when you end up on Santa's OTHER list
  2. Same place as tiny screws and spare change
    Sure, your couch is one place they hang out - but this is just a portal to that other dimension
  3. Darkest recesses of our imagination
    Something out of horror movies like Krampus or Badadook
  4. Twilight Zone
    Next stop - where Rod Serling took us each week.. Little did we know that there was a pile of socks at his feet
  5. Where magic and science blur
    Okay, this is a bit of a knockoff from Serling's iconic monologue intro
  6. Writer's Block No Fly Zone
    Just an idea.. Where imagination begins so lie our missing socks..
  7. Gollum's Hideout
    Along with "my precious" dude had just about every stray item from Middle Earth!
  8. Crow's nest
    Saw a funny video on Facebook where this lady was feeding one fine feathered friend, and it flew off with her spoon
  9. Squirrel's or any rodent's nest
    These furry critters hoard everything as well
  10. Black hole of Commander "Wiz"
    We had a senior officer in our squadron that was notorious for losing paperwork; pretty sure that other items ended up wherever those documents are