I'm holding my fussy 8-week old at 3:30AM. But out in NYC, there are plenty of people doing plenty of things. Let's speculate, eh?
  1. Shoving their face full of Taco Bell or pancakes at a diner or Korean BBQ. Oh, that sounds fun.
  2. Lowering standards as the night goes on... Considering making out with that one person at the bar.
  3. Hanging out in penn station waiting for the next LIRR train.
  4. Texting an ex: "you up?"
  5. Scanning tinder at a bar.
  6. Destroying it at a club. Just dancing their faces off.
  7. Considering getting on a bus to Atlantic city.
  8. Shooting the shit with friends at a bar, ordering round after round.
  9. Some KILLER karaoke!
  10. Dumping a body in the Hudson River.
  11. Biking home. Tipsy.
  12. Watching the city skyline from queens or Brooklyn or Hoboken with a new love.
  13. Working out.
  14. Doing laundry.
  15. Watching informercials instead of Jessica Jones. (Dumdum.)
  16. Taking more than one slices of pizza straight to the face
    (I did this an hour ago)
    Suggested by @maggzerts