Recent Photos - Add Yours

I'm an avid photographer (@johndeguzman on Instagram). Here are some of my recent shots. Add some of yours!
  1. Fall colors
  2. Reflexed taxi
  3. 10th ave carriage
  4. I was really proud of this insta of Central Park, framed in a Met painting (my Instagram is @megzlash)
    Suggested by   @meganlasher
  5. Fall colour
    Suggested by   @r_hynes_
  6. In the Alaskan Clouds
    Suggested by   @ChristaBullock
  7. Lady I met in Jaipur last week.
    Suggested by   @xoe
  8. Decorative balls, in a thing, on a lamp post.
    Suggested by   @bdot
  9. Central Oregon
    Suggested by   @bdot