1. Holy Moly, I can't believe he's a month old
  2. My fiancée and I are FINALLY getting a handle on this "understanding our son"
  3. Is it too early for me to eat breakfast
  4. Can I actually make myself breakfast without waking him up
  5. I trim his nails...
    I trim his nails, which grow VERY aggressively. He's not happy unless his arms are up by his head, which means he can scratch his face easily. And he has. Last night, while trimming them, I misjudged and cut his finger. Whoa, buddy, did that shatter my heart. There were tears from both of us. So, my thought: the empathy towards this guy is just off the charts.
  6. Everyone is always having kids... And yet you have no idea what to do or what to expect when you have your first one. Where is that disconnect?
  7. I'm so glad he's over his cold now
  8. He sure goes through a lot of stress to fart
  9. I think I found my religion...
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  10. Maybe just an apple? Maybe I can sneak an apple