I usually wake up around 5:30 AM and do the following activities in this order....
  1. Lay out the next day's clothes the night before
    This is helpful because I often dress in the dark. It keeps me from leaving the house with un-matching socks, or some other wardrobe malfunction
  2. Hit brew on the Kurig machine and drink that 1st cup of love.
    I later get an iced grande triple espresso, but often can't wait that long for a blast of caffeine.
  3. Knell down at the living room couch and pray to God
    This sets my day, and often can chart a new direction depending upon the leading of the Lord.
  4. Read from my PAUSE Daily Bible Reading Plan and journal my thoughts
  5. Review daily calendar, reprioritize, add and subtract. Set BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) for the day
    I personally use Wunderlist for tasks and Evernote to capture everything in my life.
  6. Download and quickly look at email. Swipe through social media.
    Just a quick look to see if anything urgent requires my immediate attention. And then a fast flip through Instagram to get my "social shot" for the morning. This particular habit is one that I'm trying to break through extended fasts. But at least it isn't the FIRST thing I do when waking up!
  7. Shower. Then off and running by 7 AM.
    Get my son to school. Hit Starbucks or another local coffee shop with wifi. Then: Work. Work. Work.