Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

While in film school and working within the film and television industry
  1. It's only a movie.
  2. Don't have a budget to produce a movie or a short, make your story into an audio (radio show)
  3. Get life experience before you go to a masters program in film (arts) - it will be source material for your creativity.
  4. Produce a short film every year.
  5. Best way to learn to direct is to work in the editing room. You will see all the footage from the production and how a film is put together in the edit room.
  6. Help everyone and be a resource for all needs and problems.
  7. Write a script or Write your way into a film career.
  8. Learn to brand and market your skill sets.
  9. Teamsters know everything that is going on in the movie production - they are the wise men that seen it all.
  10. Ask questions if you don't know the answer.
  11. If you want to work in Hollywood and learn the way they do business- move to Hollywood. Get a job paid or non-paid doing anything.
  12. Go to film school to connect and plug in with other like minds.
  13. Create a vision for your career path and keep making bigger dreams that are larger than life.
  14. Have faith and never give up.