Most Recent Photos I've Exchanged With My Mom

Thought I'd share in honor of Mother's Day. I bother my mom a lot. She occasionally responds. Here are some recent pics we've exchanged:
  1. Family photo of my uncle and cousins
    Me to Her
  2. "Female man bun"
    Her to Me. Admitting she was wrong and that this IS IN FACT a hair trend
  3. Shot of my dad and I from last May
    Me to Her. Just to be like, "lol why didn't you use birth control?"
  4. Inspirational IG post
    Me to Her
  5. Incredibly spicy whole foods pickles she found that will ruin your digestive system
    Her to Me. She was right, I love them.
  6. Tattoo ideas (threats)
    Me to Her
  7. Mac and Cheese she tried to bring me
    Her to Me. Sadly, I wasn't home
  8. Bunny the Dog
    Her to Me <3