My Favorite Movies (Public List)

What I tell people my favorite movies are so that I seem cool
  1. Jaws
    So badass. Shark! Richard Dreyfuss! Stephen Spielberg! Effects! 1970s! Lack of the affair which was a huge part of the novel upon which this movie was based!
  2. The Shining
    Well, liking artful horror movies like this one by Stanley Kubrick tends to give you some street cred in the creative crowd. Liking Stephen King gives you street cred in other crowds. Win-win.
  3. Kill Bill
    I really hate this movie. It's excessively violent to the point where I'm physically ill when I try to watch it all the way through. The plot is weird and I'm really not that into martial arts/Asian culture, and if I were, I would definitely not appreciate the main badass character being played by ultra-Caucasian Uma Thurman. This is the biggest lie on my list.
  4. Alien
    Sigourney Weaver, Bilbo Baggins, and the crew get torn up by a mad scary alien. Sci-fi peeps seem to like this one. I'm on board.
  5. Fargo
    I do looooove Fargo but don't totally understand why other people do. See, I'm super into Midwestern accents, cold climates, and pregnant women, so Fargo gives me endless joy. I'm 70% sure those are not the reasons for its critical acclaim. Alright, then.
  6. Citizen Kane
    Never saw it, but Rosebud and all that. Spoiler: rich guy is weirdly obsessed with his childhood sled.
  7. Inglorious Basterds
    Dope soundtrack, and minimal violence as far as Tarantino movies go. Plus a ton of German and French scenes which make this subtitle-lover's pants tent. Genuine affection for this flick.
  8. A movie that was nominated for an Oscar recently but didn't win
    So I don't seem TOO obvious. Artsy folk seemed to like The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I often mix up with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I did see enough of this before I fell asleep to know that Voldemort is in it and the hotel is pink. Cheers.
  9. Star Wars
    Now these movies I have technically seen, but only as a small child. However, I feel like they're pretty popular among all sorts. Plan to watch soon!