1. Hell yeah! Morning suduko!
    Right up there with coffee and shitting when it comes to routines!
  2. Look at all these numbers I can fill in right away. I'm a fucking genius! 😎
  3. I know where all the "1"s go. Can't fool me, Redeye bitches.
    Four stars? Nice try.
  4. Man these "9"s sure are elusive...
  5. Fuck I thought had all the "3"s but this one could go two places...
  6. This row is taking forever.
  7. It's been forty minutes since I entered a new number.
    So I'll just color a little dot over here.
  8. Oh my gosh I'm so stupid.
  9. I should quit my job and become a ditch digger.
  10. I feel like there's hidden perks to digging ditches.
    Maybe you find people's gold teeth?
  11. Static